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Interactive Online Cost $385.00 30 hours of internet classroom instruction not to exceed 2 sessions per day (State Law) The online program MUST be completed in 90 days, IF the online program is NOT completed in those 90 days an extension must be paid to continue the program for $25 dollars per month till complete. Behind the Wheel Instruction will begin when student has completed the online program and has received the temporary licence from the DMV. The MV3001 form must be signed by CW before taking the tests at the DMV. 6 hours of driving and six hours of observation (State Law Minimum) or 9 Hours driving and no observation (added fee for the 9-hour program is $150.00) $60.00 no show fee will be added to account for students who do not show up for Behind the wheel appointments. Once all fees and lessons have been completed, The student will then be completed with the State data base to be able to get their probationary license. If you would prefer paying by installments (3 installments of $130.00) will bring the cost to $390.00(ClickHere)
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