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Class Schedules

Accelerated Course (30 hrs class, 9 hrs driving)2019 Accelerated Classroom1/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$500.00
Adult BTW (Adittional Hours)2019 Adult BTW Additional Hrs1/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$65.00
Adult BTW (First hour)2019 Adult BTW 1st Hour1/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$75.00
Adult BTW 6 Hour (BTW6)Adult BTW 6 Hour (BTW6)  By Appointment$350.00
Adult BTW 9 Hour (BTW9)Adult BTW 9 Hour (BTW9)  By Appointment$450.00
Adult Classroom2019 Adult Classroom1/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$80.00
Behind The Wheel (6 hours driving & 6 hours observation) Under 182019 BTW 6 Under 181/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$324.00
Blended Classroom Under 18 (30 Hrs)2019 Blended Classroom1/1/201912/31/2019Select Classroom Schedule$375.00
BTW 9 Hour (BTW9)2019 BTW 91/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$450.00
BTW Refresher2019 BTW Refresher1/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$54.00
Classroom Under 18 (30 Hrs) 2019 OCT10/7/201910/30/20193:30-5:30 PM M-TH$375.00
Classroom Under 18 (30 Hrs) 2019 NOV 11/4/201911/22/20193:30-5:30 PM M-TH$375.00
Classroom Under 18 (30 Hrs) 2019 DEC12/2/201912/20/20193:30-5:30 PM M-F$375.00
Classroom Under 18 (30 Hrs) 2019 SEP9/3/20199/26/20193:30-5:30 PM M-TH$375.00
DOT Road Test2019 Road Test1/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$150.00
Failure to yield (FTY)2019 FTY1/1/201912/31/2019By Appointment$70.00
Online Classroom Under 18 (30 Hrs)2019 Online Classroom1/1/201912/31/2019Anytime$350.00

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